Counselling in Schools

The future is bright

Today, there is growing concern about the Mental Health of our children and teenagers.  I have worked across schools for the past 5 years, providing counselling for those who are struggling to cope with a wide range of issues.  A few examples of how counselling can help children & teenagers include; coping with everyday worries, such as exam stress, and relationship issues with friends, family members and teachers. Counselling can also help with self-harm concerns, grief, depression and anxiety, and learning difficulties, to name a few. It is clear to me that those who receive support are able to move forward confidently and can see a bright future ahead of them.  

Flexible support for schools

I offer the opportunity for schools to develop their own package of support that is unique to them.  Whether you require counselling for individual children or for groups of children, all can be accommodated.  




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